Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My last pal gift

Here's an attempted picture of my last gift. I got so many great things, I can't list them all. She got me a ton of stamps, paper, embellishments, books, things for my kids. Just a ton of great stuff. I love it all:)
If you click on the picture, you'll get a better close up if you want to really see everything.

tons of cards.

I'm in a card making groove:) Most of the cards are made with stamps that my not so secret pal gave me last month. I'm loving them all. The paper is CTMH. It's also one of my favorite paper packs. I'm trying to use up the scraps. Yes, these were all made with scraps.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

do you have....

Do you have a song that makes you cry for no reason? It doesn't spark a memory or anything. It just makes you cry with no reasoning at all. Well I do. It's Bette Midler's (not sure if I spelled that right:) Wind beneath my Wings. I'm grocery shopping today, it comes on the radio in the store, and I have to fight back tears. Like cry my eye's out, need a tissue kind of crying. Thank goodness I have a bit of control. I would have looked so stupid just crying in the middle of the store. Yep, no idea why. I'm not a sappy person at all! I mean that song is from Beaches, which is one of my favorite movies. Me liking that movie at all is a bit crazy. I can't stand chick flicks usually. I'd rather watch something blow up or a great car chase scene. Anyway, just thought I would share. See if anyone else breaks down for no reason because of a song.

my new apron

I bought a plain old apron from Jo-Ann's today. Just a cheap $5.00 one, then I got this super cute iron on, and Presto! A really cute apron. Of course I used the cupcake to kind of go along with my cupcake business. Which is coming along great by the way. My secret pal also sent me a cupcake book, I've tried 3 recipes from and am going to add them to my list. I'm trying 2 more recipes this week. It's the best cupcake book ever, let me tell you! I love it! The neighbor kids love me. I've had a new cupcake at least once a week for them to try.

Birthday cards

I made both of these cards with products that my not so secret pal sent me. Paper on both are
Cupcake paper pad, The stamps are from Inkadinkado, birthday cupcake and Penny black stamps, critter party.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

look what I've been doing

Wow!!! That's a ton of cards. I've been catching up the past 2 days. I haven't been able to make anything for days. All of the card layouts are BSC's. The first 2 are a color challenge.I lost track of what was what. You know how it is when your in a groove. My favorite has to be the bella with the the cupcake and balloons. Not sure of her name off hand. She was a stamped image from Kim:) Oh and I love the yogabella also. The fella isn't 100% done, he needs a birthday saying.

Monday, August 4, 2008

more from the wedding

My poor little man. Here he is sleeping very nicely. This was before a wedding guest, that was having a bit to much of a good time, tripped while dancing and fell on my poor sleeping child's head. Yep his head. He was alright. Thank goodness. It was a full grown man. Wait it get's better.... my little man fell down cement stairs while leaving. He missed like 3 steps and feel on his knees. At first he yells out, " I'm alright!" then he started crying and we had to carry him to the car. He ended up being alright. Just a huge bruise on the knee.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I'm a bit bummed that I did not get a picture of my shoes. They're my favorite heels. That's alright. For some reason my camera was not working right. We're laughing in the one picture because my Father in law had a hard time using my camera, so we just let that be our full shot picture:) Rick is missing his tux jacket, he's so cute isn't he?!?!