Sunday, June 27, 2010

My new Venture

I realized something tonight. I spend way to much money on things I don't really need. I was talking with several ladies tonight about how American's have way to much stuff we think we "NEED." Or buy simply because we want to. How we( American's) never really seem to take responsibility for our actions or our spending. Myself included in this. Really not taking responsibility for ourselves is just a fancy, nicer way to say we're selfish. Yes selfish. With our time, and resources. So this got me thinking of my own spending habits. Yikes I know. So this lead to my new venture, challenge really. I'm starting out small. Not because I don't want to be all in or nothing. Small because I know my habits and how hard and unlikely i would be able to quit cold turkey. I don't want to set myself up to fail. So my 3 month challenge to myself is....... To not buy any new clothes, shoes, purses, or jewelry. Anything fashion related. Here's the big one.. oh it'll be hard. To not buy any new stamps, Cardstock, Printed cardstock, embellishments, anything to do with scrapping. Unless I run completely out of a Cs color, or tape. I added that in only because I'll need colors like white and cream to use for scrap page and card backs. Which I will run out of. Along with tape. But nothing else scrap related. Now here's what I'm going to do with the extra cash flow. Every time I have the erdge to buy a new fasion or scrap related item, I'm going to take that dollar amount and put it in to my savings. Just to see how much I can be saving, and how much I really don't need or ever remember I wanted. Yikes. I'm going to be keeping a log of my 3 month journey. Follow along if you want, or not. Whatever. I'm hoping to learn something about myself on this little adventure. At the end of my 3 months I will not be taking my saved money and buying all I wanted, I'll hopefully decide and be ready to take further steps into ending my wateful spending:)


Sara said...

Awesome idea!

Amanda Winkelman said...

Best of luck in your venture!!! I completley agree that we have too much stuff we don't need! I was trying to clean up a bunch of my stamp stuff today....WAY too much! So I think I'll jump in with you.....July - September, don't spend money on things I don't need.....I'll keep checking in here to see how you're doing with it and hopefully keep myself inspired to do the same!!!

Jami said...

Amanda, you can do it! Knowing I've inspired someone, even just one person, helps me push forward.