Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 7

I'm one week down. It's been hard not spending. Especially yesterday when the kids were so bad I actually cried:( Is it to much to ask for 1 good hour? I was at Home Depot, originally taking back a screen door, but then buying paint and stain, oh and a few plants. My husband just built a mini privacy fence and added a ton of landscaping area. So I'm in the flower area and all of a sudden I hear screaming and one of the kids is on the ground with the other one hitting him. Then about an isle over I have another child crying because his brother is calling him stupid. I was so embarrassed. They get into huge trouble for acting that way. It's not like I let them do whatever, whenever. The punishment is still going into today!Sigh:( So all that to say, I think I buy when I'm stressed, then justify it by saying I deserve to buy because I had such a long day. With 3 boys and a hubby, when am I not stressed!? LOL! I'm still going strong though.

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