Wednesday, March 5, 2008

just an update:)

My 3 year olds potty training is coming along well. It's the 3rd week. He's still not telling me when he has to go, but I can tell right away now. Like a true boy he's telling me how big his poo is when he goes. He got that from his older brothers I'm afraid. I swear living in a house with 4 boys really is interesting and kind of gross at times.


Anna Jones said...

What a cutie. Girls do better at potty training. Mine DD started when she was two and was trained in less than a month. Now I am training her to do it by herself without my help.

When time comes, I will send that card to you :-)

Inkey Pingers said...

I hate Sat & Sun when I don't get to talk to you! You better call me if our Bella's arrive. You know I'll be drivin over there for some Bella love!


jami said...

Great news!! Caden started telling us yesterday when he had to go. We were even out and he told us. Yippie.