Saturday, May 3, 2008

Why do we ....... (beware not for the faint hearted, LOL! )

Why do we as mothers feel the need to reach out and catch our child's puke in our hands? I mean that is so sick! If our husbands were to get sick, we jump back and yell at them, " You better not be sick on my floor, or you'll be cleaning it up" ! But our children it's alright. It's not even a decision we make, it's just natural. If there's not a bucket within reach, we just put our hands out. Makes no sense to me. Caden got sick the other night, it was just a cough, gage then puke. But sure enough I stuck my hand out. Just thought I would share my pondering thoughts.


Annapurna said...

I know why I do it. I would rather go to the sink with the puke, wash my hands off with some soap, than change their clothes, clean and mop the floor they puked on etc etc. Oh the things I do to reduce work...:-))

Melissia said...

aksnilLOL, I never really thought about it but you are so right. I don't want to get near my husband if he is puking. However a few months back my daughter was on my lap facing me and I knew she was going vomit and we wouldn't make it to the bathroom so I just let her realse it all on me. Ick! Easier for me to clean myself up than the floor or the couch. :o)

Rachel Webber said...

Ha! I know exactly what you mean - its the most gross thing yet we do it without even thinking (until afterwards)