Thursday, February 7, 2008

lunch box

This morning I'm packing my kids lunches and notice that my oldest didn't eat his sandwich from the day before. His lunch box has a sandwich compartment on the bottom, this is the lunch box he has had all year. I ask him, why didn't you eat your sandwich? He says, " OH, I forgot that my sandwich is in the bottom." Totally forgot.
I find my husband to vent about the stupidity of men our of ear shot of my sons. I tell him that I think God made men to be so dumb at times just to entertain women. He says " No, he made us dumb so we could put up with women. If he hadn't we wouldn't be able to live with them." LOL:) Of course this was all in fun, not 100% serious.

They just kill me sometimes. I mean seriously, you forgot that your sandwich is in the bottom? Did you not see the zipper on the bottom? Or wonder why mom didn't send a full lunch? Wouldn't one of these questions trigger a memory? ARRG!

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