Monday, February 4, 2008

smow+ water = wet and cold

What makes a puddle of water in the middle of winter so appealing? I mean really, it's wet, cold and very messy.

I walk with my youngest who's 3, to pick up my older 2 boys from school a few times a week. Every time we've had a little melt down in the snow, my son convenatly doesn't hear me when I say don't jump in the water. He jumps right in very puddle on the way to the school and back. Then without fail cries because he's wet and cold the minute we step in the house. You would think he would learn. Snow + water= wet and cold. What is so hard about that? He knows that when he touches the hot stove top ( which he's done only once) that it will not be pleasant. He knows when he jumps in the water, he's not going to like being wet. So why does he steer clear of the stove and runs to the water?! Boys, they really are from Mars! LOL:)

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