Wednesday, February 20, 2008

sisterhood 12

1. Rachel :: {Group Admin}
2. Rachel Webber ::
3. Melissa S. ::
4. Elisabeth::
5. Dawn::
6. Caroline::
7. Ruby Claire::
8. Rosie::
9. Kim::
10. Tracy::
11. Anna::
12. Wendy ::
13. Vix::
14. Hels::
15. Michelle::
16. Melissia::
17. Liz::
18. Sarah::
19. Jami ::
20. Tracy K ::


Tracy K said...

Hi just leaving my comment for the Sisterhood. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

Elisabeth said...

Welcome aboard!! =)

Rosie said...

Hey Jami, looking forward to gettiung to know all you lovely gals. You have a gorgeous family!
Hugs from across the Pond!

Hels said...

Hiya! thanks for visiting my Blog hun. The Cut & Dry I was talking about is by Ranger. It comes in two varieties, Foam or Felt. I prefer Foam. It is a spongy product that you rub on ink pads and then transfer the ink to your project, blending different colours etc. Have a look on Ranger website and there will be loads of info there! Hope this helps! hels xx

Vix Kennedy said...

Hi Jami welcome to the sisterhood! Love your bellas :)

Your boys are gorgeous! To answer your question just feel lucky you dont have a 15 year old DD!!! Boys are apparantly more of a handful as children, girls on the other hand *ahem* My DD is a horror bag lol! She was good as gold as a little girl, all frilly frocks and straw hats, nowadays, well ummm, ja, I have no clothes, make up, etc etc left