Sunday, September 21, 2008

wedding pictures

Well the last of our weddings is over. This was my brothers wedding. We had so much fun. Although, I was very sad the next morning to find that I hardly took any pictures.
The wedding was very nice and the reception was super fun. The

only thing that went wrong was the flowers. A friend of the family did all the flowers, and didn't do at all what the bride asked for. But everything else turned out great. My kids had a blast, they danced the whole night. Well we all danced the whole night. Even my husband.


CraftyTracy said...

you all look so happy, and gorgeous.

Glad you enjoyed yourselves


Dawn said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! You have a beautiful family:)

Jennifer Baughman said...

Wow Jami! You look gorgeous! I love your hair and dress! Miss you girl!