Saturday, April 26, 2008

6x6 page

Here's a 6x6 page I made for someone. My printer isn't working:( So I had to write out the verse. That wasn't my intention, but not much I could do about it. It needs to get in the mail today. I love the friendship blessing stamp set from CTMH, that's what i used to random stamp and for the flowers I cut out.


Elisabeth said...

This is so simple but yet beautiful! I love pastels.

Melissia said...

You have really nice handwriting. The page is very soft and pretty.

jami said...

Thank you for saying I have nice hand writing!!! I had to sit and write each letter out very slowly. My 8 year old son signed something in my name, and I had to look twice because it looked just like I had signed it! My handwriting is awful! Thanks again:)