Friday, April 18, 2008

Look what I made

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been missing the past week or so. I was in charge of this years book fair. That is now over. My last day was yesterday. I loved being in charge of something again. It gives me something to do. Because being a stay at home mom is endless days of sitting around . LOL!

Last night I made this cake for our schools Fun Fair Saturday. It will be raffled off for profit. In case your wondering, hopefully not, it's a gum ball machine. Not my own idea, I got the idea from one of my many cake decorating books. It was super easy to make, no cutting or shaping to do. Well have a great weekend. Hopefully I can get started on crafty things this coming week.


Annapurna said...

super cool cake. It took me a while, because it wasn't standing like it was supposed to ;-)
have a great weekend

Elisabeth said...

What a cool looking cake!! I like how the peanut is used for the dispensing thingamajig. LOL

Rachel Webber said...

Fab cake, hope it raises loads of money

Rachel said...

Great cake. How clever!!!!