Monday, April 28, 2008

my husbands birthday

Last night was Ricky's 30th birthday. He doesn't like being the center of attention, meaning he really didn't want a party. So I got the 2 of us tickets to last nights Tigers game. We went to dinner downtown at Pizza Papalis, blew $6.00 on nickel slots at the casino, then went to the game. It was a ton of fun. I had restraint and only told 2 people it was his birthday. His face would get a little red and remind me how much he hates that. The picture of the stadium is before the game. It was a full house. I got lucky and got the last 2 seats that were side by side in the whole park. They were good seats to, on the main deck right down the 3rd baseline.
You can go to and see us at the game. We're gallery 30. I was going to order a picture but it's $10.00 for 1 5x7.


secret said...

So happy you had a wonderful day at the ball park. I ordered a pic for you, so check your mailbox for that along with your late April goodies!
Your Secret Sis!

p.s. Sorry the Tigers lost =(

Til said...

Hey , Love that you stop by! Stop by as much as you want! I love that cupcake card too! LOL!! I have it above my computer so I can enjoy it! THANKS for stopping by, come by ANYTIME!!! :0)