Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bumps and Bruises

Bumps and Bruises strike again. I finally realized last night that the reason why my boys are having bad mishaps is because we have a major family event this week. It always seems to workout that way. So look who's got the worst bruise ever. Of course, it's E. Right in the middle of his face. Given to him by his little brother, who thought throwing a metal flashlight at him would make him get off the stairs. Go figure.


Terria said...

oh I tell you little boys!

sherry said...

ahh poor guy. It always seems that something happens when you have to have pictures done or go see distant family!

Dawn said...

Ouch! ....that reminds me of a semi-funny story........When I was growing up with my four older brothers, I decided to throw a bottle across the steps just as my brother was going inside the house- it hit his lip/busted it pretty badly...........oh did I mention he had a HOT date that wasn't funny then but it does come up at family get togethers often;-)