Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my new dress

Okay, so a few months ago I went shopping with my husband looking for a new dress. His brother is getting married this Friday. I wanted something I could wear to that. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm super practical. I wasn't going to buy a formal dress for this wedding. We have 3 kids, we don't go to fancy things. I didn't want a one time use dress. Alright, all that to say, I saw this one,tried it on just for fun. Then took back the other dress I got with my husband. So this my new formal dress. I LOVE IT. It's so much fun to wear. There's stuff underneath to make it poof a bit, tooling over satin, love, love, love it. But wait, It's not a one time dress, I'm going to wear it to my mandatory surprise 30Th birthday party that my husband is going to throw for me. I'll just get a cute sweater to wear with it. I'll post pictures with me and my super fine tux wearing hubby later this weekend:)


Annapurna said...

Super cute dress. What was all that mandatory surprise birthday party. Is he throwing it because you told him, he has to? You silly girl. Can't wait to see the pics.

jami said...

Yes, he's throwing me one because I told him to:) He hates parties and birthdays.

Terria said...

This is a very cute dress I cant wait to see pics.I was thinking of buying a similar dress different color but same style just for our anniversary Saturday but I put it back :( I am like you i have to have a dress I can wear more then once.

Sony said...

I love your dress!
Thinking to buy a dress for a wedding and for my next travel (a cruise for the captain night)

Greetings, Sonia (Sony)

Rachel Webber said...

Gorgeous dress - I love it. Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding and no more bumps and scrapes for your boys!

Ruby Claire. said...

This is the cutest dress! i LOVE it!!
Have fun at the wedding!
Will let you know when i receive the stamped images. Still haven't got them.
Have a great time! :D

Ashley said...
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