Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The curse that we weren't told about

What is this curse you might ask. Well it's...... Men! I swear from the time of birth they drive you crazy! I love them to death. I mean I do live with 4 of them. My husband could count as 2, so really I live with 5! LOL:)

If I have to get up and go to where ever , the kids room, my husbands desk, the bathroom, to move 1 object to uncover something they are looking for, that I have given the exact location to, I will just die. Drop dead right where I stand from high blood pressure, irritation, my head exploding. You name it!
Now that the kids are home it's sooooo bad. Not just with the not really looking for something. How about this one, they ask a question, then don't listen to you answer. Love that one. Or how about the sudden loss of hearing. That's a great one also.
I took all 3 boys on a bike ride/ walk. The walk was me, my bike has a flat. We went up to the corner market for some veggies, then to the post office, then hair cuts. For some reason I believed my 8 and 7 year old when they told me they could ride a bike and hold a slushie at the same time. That was just dumb on my part. Ethan dropped his cup 4 times, yes 4 times just crossing the street. OMG! Mothers of boys you know, you feel my pain:)

Just my lovely crazed thoughts.


Vicki Sullivan said...

Love your site and love the rose, let me know if you add a subscribe button - I'd love updates.

Til said...

I am so glad I have girls!

Annapurna said...

Don't even get me started on boys and husbands.
I feel for you my friend. I can totally tell the difference, since I have a daughter too and how easier it is to raise her.

Terria said...

I feel your pain i am a mom of three like you said hubby counts as one of them to. I am so on your side with I can't find something looking me in my face I guess it is invisable until mom touches it.